I came crawling back to Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers two years ago (with a little more than necessary encouraging from my mother). After losing almost 30 pounds, I cancelled my membership. I continued to work out and eat properly in the beginning. However, I saw my weight was remaining pretty steady and I started slacking on working out and watching what I ate. I eventually stopped working out completely and began eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. This was bad news because I am an emotional eater. I eat whenever I feel any emotion: happiness, sadness, anger. You name it; it makes me want to eat.

My boyfriend, Victor, likes to work out and is pretty dedicated when it comes to going to the gym. When we began dating I used to go to the gym with him often.  I stopped going as often but he continued to go at least three times a week.  Despite saying no to going to the gym made me feel like a lazy bum, I continued not to go. Even though Victor was working out regularly, he was gaining weight. He voiced his concern about the weight gain and his desire to start eating better.

This made me take a look at myself. I have put back on some of the weight I had lost. I have gained about ten pounds. It may not seem like a lot but I figured that if I could let myself put that weight back on it wouldn’t take long for me to put the rest of the weight I had lost back on. I was time to get back on track.

This past Friday I rejoined Weight Watchers.

I am familiar with the point system and the tracking system; my food goal is to find healthier alternatives for things I already like to eat and find foods that I enjoy that are zero points.  I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I got ground turkey, lettuce, sandwich meat, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereal, and other foods recommended by Weight Watchers. I went four dollars over budget but think I made good choices. I went back to the grocery store with Victor the other night and we picked out a few other things to help us to eat well. We even got a thing of tofu to give that a try (it was his idea!).

My fitness goals are to do 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day. I prefer to jog intervals on the treadmill. I also want to get stronger and tone my body. I started today with this leg/butt workout that I saw on Pinterest the other night (http://pinterest.com/pin/90494273734574105). I was not prepared for what I was going to do but I am proud of myself for pushing through and finishing all the exercises. I am going to look for abdominal and arm workouts to do because I will definitely not be able to do that leg routine again tomorrow. I already feel the burn.

I really want to do this to be confident with my body and to be healthy. I also think sharing this common interest and goal will bring Victor and me even closer.

I’m very excited to have health and fitness as a part of my life again.

This is the picture from 2 years ago that made me finally realize I was overweight and needed to so something about it. I'm in the white shirt, that is my sister with me.

This is the picture from 2 years ago that made me finally realize I was overweight and needed to do something about it. I’m in the white shirt; that is my sister with me.


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