First Ever Ski Trip

Victor and I have finalized our plans for an impromptu ski trip. Since neither of us have been skiing before, I believe the decision was a result of watching the X Games non stop the past week.

While sitting around watching the Games the other night Victor said he wanted to go skiing and asked me to look into it. Due to the result of our spontaneous tendencies and impatience, this weekend we will be hitting the slopes.

Because we have absolutely no clue what we are doing, we opted to rent everything and take lessons. The mountain is only an hour and a half from us so we will be leaving early Sunday morning for our adventure. We didn’t book a hotel but agreed if we are really tired after skiing we will rent a room.

I am going to go buy us some dri-tech gear today. If  I have the time I am going to try to knit us some hats. For anything we are forgetting, we will just wing it. (I CANNOT forget sunscreen!)

I am so excited! I love firsts!


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