So bad at blogging and Weight Watchers

Seriously, I am really bad at this. I get very excited and tell myself I’m going to keep up with a blog then I just stop doing it. I think about it but just don’t do it.

Anyway, the last time I posted I just got back from skiing. We are now gearing up to head back to Asheville this weekend but not for skiing. We are going to visit the Biltmore Estate for their Candlelight Christmas. I am very excited. Asheville (including the Biltmore) is my favorite place.

We have our daytime tour scheduled for 1pm so we will head up Saturday morning for that. We will do the tour and wine tasting then head back after dark for the Candlelight Christmas.

The fact that I have been a terrible Weight Watcher has held my excitement for the weekend at bay. I have knowingly avoided the plan as well as the gym. I actually ate half a pumpkin pie yesterday. About 3/4 of the way through, I realized what I was doing and still didn’t stop. I went to the gym today and have never been so scared to step on the scale. Luckily, I hadn’t gained as much as I thought but, I have gained over 10 pounds and I am miserable.

I don’t know why I punish myself like this. I was so close to my goal and I just give up. I have done this with so much in my life and I need to make a change! I actually sucked it up and decided to get back on track after watching (oh, this is hard to admit) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Yolanda Foster was at her daughter’s photo shoot. She told her daughter that she knows it’s hard to eat salad everyday when you want something else and it’s hard to go to the gym 6 days a week. I liked hearing this because it is hard work and sometimes I don’t think people understand that. I feel they think I’m “just a gym person” or “just a healthy eater”. It frustrates me and I appreciate Yolanda saying that and giving her daughter that credit and acknowledging her efforts . She then asked her daughter if she felt it was worth it and she said that it was difficult but when she was in front of the camera enjoying what she does she felt it was worth the work. Even though I’m not a model, I have to stand in front of the mirror everyday and I am definitely happier when I am in shape.

Anyway, enough of this episode of “How Reality TV Influences Me”. They dryer has just stopped so it is now time for me to be a real housewife.

PS. Here are some pictures from that ski trip I said I would post.ImageImageImage


Back from Skiing

Skiing was so much fun! I have to say I’m a natural, Victor not so much. We took lessons first thing in the morning. We took a break for lunch and then 2 short water breaks during the day. The rest of the time we were skiing.

I didn’t have too much trouble picking up the basics. After a few hours on the slopes Victor was doing great also. We stuck to the smaller slope for a while. Eventually, we moved on to the bigger slope we had to take the lift up to go down. My first time down the bigger slope I was going so fast. I finally stopped at the bottom and my legs were shaking. It was such a rush. The first time Victor made it down that slope without falling I was waiting at the bottom and someone came flying by me. When I turned around, I realized it was him. I was so proud, but could not stop laughing.

Unfortunately, my camera wouldn’t turn on. We bought a disposable camera on our way up the mountain. 1-hour photo developing seems to have become obsolete. We are now waiting a week to have our pictures developed. I see us buying a new camera in the near future. The camera did get dropped in the snow once. I am hoping it didn’t ruin the film. We will know in a week.

We both are looking forward to going again before the season is over!

First Ever Ski Trip

Victor and I have finalized our plans for an impromptu ski trip. Since neither of us have been skiing before, I believe the decision was a result of watching the X Games non stop the past week.

While sitting around watching the Games the other night Victor said he wanted to go skiing and asked me to look into it. Due to the result of our spontaneous tendencies and impatience, this weekend we will be hitting the slopes.

Because we have absolutely no clue what we are doing, we opted to rent everything and take lessons. The mountain is only an hour and a half from us so we will be leaving early Sunday morning for our adventure. We didn’t book a hotel but agreed if we are really tired after skiing we will rent a room.

I am going to go buy us some dri-tech gear today. If  I have the time I am going to try to knit us some hats. For anything we are forgetting, we will just wing it. (I CANNOT forget sunscreen!)

I am so excited! I love firsts!